• Serving Oil and Gas, Biodiesel and Municipal Water Treatment Industries

    Avonlea uses innovative cavitation technology to increase produced water oil recovery, separate oil contaminants, and improve black & greywater treatment facility efficiencies, all to increase profit and save money.

    Welcome to Avonlea

    Environmental Technologies with Clear Solutions

    We are a Calgary, Alberta based company that has been dedicated to developing technology that provides clear solutions. We know that sounds ambiguous and buzzwordy, but bear with us and let us explain how this is literally the case.

    With engineering backgrounds, the founders of Avonlea have themselves owned businesses in the

    oil and gas industry, so they know firsthand the importance of oil site efficiency as well as the wastefulness that comes from the loss of hundreds of barrels of residual crude oil in the current oil recovery process. Even though this has become an accepted loss in the industry, our founders decided it was time to find a solution to this problem and put their extensive experience in oil & gas and technology development to work.

    Though Avonlea is a new company, it was founded after over 40 years of experience in the industry and in technology development with an eye toward solving the oil recovery efficiency problem. We developed a new technology that utilizes hydrodynamic cavitation as its core.

    It wasn’t long before we realized that recovering oil was only the start of where our hydrodynamic cavitation technology could benefit a variety of industries worldwide.


    It became clear that our patented cavitation technology was also highly effective in:

    • Significantly reducing the TAN (Total Acid Number) in crude and refined hydrocarbons including bio-diesel,
    • Treating frac. flow-back water and industrial wastewater of all types, especially in the removal of hydrocarbons, metals, sulphur, H2S and other impurities, and,
    • Treating black and grey-water, fulfilling the growing demand for municipal water treatment plants’ by increasing their effectiveness without insane expansion costs.

    Our cavitation treatment processes happen in real-time, which significantly reduces hauling and disposal costs as well as reducing water usage. So in the end, we really do literally provide clear solutions.

    Services We Offer

    We are here to work with you and put a plan together for your unique needs right at your facility. Our equipment is compact and efficient and adapts easily to all the areas where it can be utilized.

    Oil and Gas Services

    Avonlea provides a clear solution through its patented cavitation technology to increase produced water oil recovery, reduce TAN, clean up post-frac water, and maximize your company’s efficiency, production, and profits. This leads to a huge host of benefits in addition to more cash, ranging from a single site up to the refinery stage.

    Biodiesel Refinement

    See how your biodiesel sales can take off when we clear the total acid number from your fuel, using Avonlea’s compact and efficient operation. With TANs disappearing, your revenue prices won’t pale in comparison.

    Municipal Water Treatment

    With the tiny footprint of Avonlea’s treatment system, communities can find a practical answer to the cloudy problem of ever-expanding black and grey-water demands, without breaking the bank or facilitating further urban sprawl.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    About Our Environmental Technologies with Clear Solutions

    Avonlea is doing amazing things with their new technology. I am so pleased to now have a solution to a problem we thought we just had to live with. We are able now recover more oil we just accepted would be waste and its impressive the financial benefits that have come from it. The profit we were losing that we know are able to capitalize on makes using this service more than worth it.

    Christine Reyes
    Refresh Group

    Tell Us What We Can Help Clear Up

    Find out more about what Avonlea can do to help your business.

    Avonlea is all ears & wants to see where we can help. So tell us about your particular challenges and needs. find out more about what Avonlea can do to help your business.

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